Hotel Mardavall reformed

This winter we had the pleasure of working on the refurbishment and extension of the St. Regis luxury resort, Regis Mardavall. Founded in 2002, this prestigious establishment located in Punta Negra, a discreet cove on the south-west coast of the island of Mallorca, is part of Marriott International’s exclusive Regis Hotels & Resorts chain of luxury hotels.

Our work consisted of the complete refurbishment of the outdoor areas: complete remodelling of the swimming pool, replacing the existing stoneware with ‘Mistery Sand’ tiling by Rosa Gres (Photo 1). Around it, the terraces have been enlarged by installing new decking, and the network of paths in the complex has been extended (Photo 2). In addition, a new outdoor restaurant, called ‘Mar’, has been built. The new building, lined with natural stone, has its own kitchen and bar. Together with the outdoor decking, brought from England, of the brand ‘Millboard’, make the place an exclusive sea view sea club (Photo 3).

Moreover, one of the existing gastronomic areas of the complex, the acclaimed Mediterranean restaurant ‘Terra’, has been remodelled. Working together with the interior design firm Lázaro Rosa Violán, the entire space has been refurbished, from the kitchen to the flooring, where parquet and hydraulic tiles have been installed, so called because of their manufacturing process in which a hydraulic press is used (Photo 4).

Working alongside a leading brand in the luxury hospitality industry has been a challenge for our construction company. A challenge we felt comfortable with, and an end result we are completely satisfied with.

We hope to be selected for the construction or refurbishment of similar projects.

See the complete project

1. ‘Mistery Sand’ pool finish.

2. Swimming pool and surroundings

3. Sea Club ‘Mar’. Millboard’ decking.

4. Restaurant ‘Terra’. Parquet next to hydraulic tile


Construction manager: Lázaro Estela

Assistant Site manager: Aleix Rosselló

Foreman: Toni Vich and Víctor Morcillo