Llull Sastre, over 80 years of experience

In 1956 Mr Gabriel Llull Sastre took over the business founded by his father in 1934; in 1959, his brother Mr Lorenzo Llull Sastre was joined, and it was in 1968 when they decided on the constitution of the Company CONSTRUCCIONES LLULL SASTRE S.A.

Throughout our history we have made ​​the complicated steps easier, we have successfully completed the dreams of those who have relied on our good work, we have met the expectations of the field remarkably, thanks to our reliability and efficiency, hoping with each step, with each work, with each year and every dream, going on the path of improvement, increasingly gaining the support and trust of our customers.




Sustainability LlullSastre_sostenible
In Llull Sastre we always take into consideration the environment, therefore we incorporate in all of our practices procedures which ensure the least impact on the environment and the rational use of resources.

Health & Safety LlullSastre_fotosegura
The safety of our employees at work is one of our top priorities. Our accident rate is among the lowest in the field of construction.

Social responsibilityLlullSastre_fotosocial
In Llull Sastre we have cooperation agreements for training of university students and for the integration of people with intellectual disabilities. We believe in building a better world from the responsibility of each one.


Training LlullSastre_fotoformacion
We recognize that human resources are our most valuable asset. Therefore we seek development and career advancement within our company. As well as the investment in new technologies and tools for better development in each of the jobs. We ensure the ongoing training of our staff, which is a benefit both to their future and for our company.

Quality LlullSastre_fotocalidad
In Llull Sastre we are committed to the highest standards of quality for total customer satisfaction and achieve the balance between efficiency and profitability. We exceed the most demanding quality standards.

Satisfaction LlullSastre_fotosatisfaccion

The quality and reliability of the various products and services we offer has made it possible, so in the latest survey about customer satisfaction, more than 55% rate has valued our work as excellent.

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